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During the examination, the doctor examines the joints of micronase pills and hands, the deformation of which indicates diabetic neuropathy. Vibration sensitivity study. It is carried out with a graduated RГјdel-Seiffer tuning fork. It is a steel fork with a plastic tip on the handle. The teeth are struck and the tuning fork begins to vibrate. The handle of a vibrating tuning fork is placed on the big toe and other parts of both feet. The study is carried out three times. If you do not feel the oscillation frequency of 128 Hz, then this indicates reduced sensitivity and the development of diabetic neuropathy.

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The level of sensitivity is measured using a special device - a monofilament. This tool resembles a pencil to buy micronase online a piece of thick fishing line is attached. The doctor presses on the skin for 2 seconds with such an effort that the fishing line is bent. Each point is examined 3 times. For the same purpose, cotton swabs or cotton balls are used, which are carried out in different parts of the palms and feet. The skin of the forearm is touched first so you know what to expect. Then you will be asked to close your eyes. The doctor will touch the skin of the lower extremities, and you will talk about your feelings. Start from the fingers and go up. Thus, it is determined where there is no sensitivity, and where it is saved. This helps to determine where the nerve fibers are damaged.

Determination of temperature sensitivity. The sample is made with a device that resembles a small cylinder, one end of which is metal and the other is plastic. They alternately touch the skin. If you do not feel the temperature difference between metal and plastic, then this confirms the development of glyburide pills. Determination of pain sensitivity. Pain sensitivity is checked with a blunt neurological needle, a disposable toothpick or a special gear. The doctor will ask you to close your eyes and prickle the skin from your thumb to your knee on the inside of your leg. If you feel only a touch, and not pain from an injection, then this indicates a violation of the nerve fibers.

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Evaluation of reflexes in diabetic neuropathy Knee reflex. The doctor strikes with a neurological hammer on the tendon below the kneecap. If at the same time the quadriceps muscle of the thigh did not contract, then this indicates damage to the nerves. Achilles reflex.

  • You will be asked to buy glyburide online on the couch. The doctor strikes with a hammer on the Achilles tendon above the heel.
  • If this does not happen, there may be neuropathy.
  • Electroneurography and electromyography.
  • Normally, the foot is flexed.

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Drugs for pain relief and restoration of nerve function.

Often these procedures are carried out simultaneouslyto study the work of nerves and muscles. With the help of an electroneurograph, they study the speed of the impulse along the nerve and how they respond to the impulse in different muscle fibers innervated by one nerve. The results of the muscle reaction are recorded using an electromyograph on paper tape or other media.

Treatment of diabetic neuropathy.

Sensors are attached to the skin or thin needle electrodes are inserted into the muscles. The nerve is stimulated with a weak discharge of electric current, and with the help of sensors attached downstream of the nerve, the speed of its propagation and the response of the muscles are studied.

Diabetic neuropathy is damage to the nerves that belong to the peripheral nervous system. These are the nerves by which the brain and spinal cord control the muscles and internal organs. Diabetic neuropathy is a common and dangerous complication of diabetes. It causes a variety of symptoms.